Karolina Bazydlo

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Natural beauty without additives

Few things exist in the world from the point of view of a human being more important than women. In a macho planet in which women is sometimes as a property or as a simple tool to achieve an end, the image of women is distorted.

Filled with special effects to look like, in much of the Studio nude photography seeks perfection possible or impossible through man-made artifacts that highlight the qualities aiming at mass, but away from the individuality of the photographed subject.

Without renouncing fantastic compositing tools, I want to present a woman real, no photoshop, no makeup, with an own beauty that likes to some, and not so much to others, but can recognize each other in the picture as I see it, as she shows me and allows me to see.

In this series, meet you Karolina Bazydlo, photographer and visual artist that left me completely undress her and look into her femininity. The venue was La Finca La Principal which is marked on the map where we felt at home and provided all nature and the perfect architecture for performing this test.

Finca La Principal

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