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I understand that there were a thousand better ways to start a blog, to start this blog is not very original. It is a blog. the tropocientosmillonesquinientoscuarentaydosmilquinientosuno of wordpress, will now be added to others… We will neither pioneer nor original. Up to sink the teeth at all, I recognise that a photography blog, is which makes it perhaps more ordinary, even more if possible. Finally I'd like to call into question even the quality of my picture.

To make matters worse I start it with the "vulgarity" of Madrid, meaning as normal and ordinary, megalopolis with its beauties and fealdades like any other, with their collective spirituality as any other, with its monuments, like any other, with its tourists. Anyway, I have not been a marvel of originality, but is there anything if I have clear.

Go pitch of weekend that I've pasted, my friend!

So with happiness and with alacrity, step to tell you a little bit, but the truth is that I am pretty bad writing, I aderezaré them with a fisquito of my last treasure, the GF1 + 20 mm 1.7. Which has been a discovery and that surely any entry is, at the moment I tell you. Turns out that I had to go to Madrid forced to see Star Wars Symphony Orchestra, a pity, because also I am not anything Geek of the series, nothing real, and I have the soundtrack on my ipod. And clear I had to take me to the kids, (my girlfriend and my brother). So we took a flight from La Palma (natural paradise where I reside) to Tenerife, and we had to wait a couple of hours at the airport, and of course, the GF1 hungry for work and I wanting to aerate it, took photos that wait, passengers patients that we see too often that every day more hope in a departure that lounge so love us , that we attend on any site, every day we have time to live, and however wait for hours to catch a flight without flinching us. And there was the spark.

At that time know that there is something, and you have to get it. I thanked him for having the camera with me, and those I got on the plane, was a gentle enough to travel, I don't remember any problems, what I remember is that light entered by my window, and occasionally the boy who had front opened it and closed it, and I thought, in one of these tag. Efectiviwonder.

At the airport had called my friend Don Francisco, to let you know that we would be for those lares, and decided that it was time to welcome us in their House, and who was going to be me to contradict a Knight. So we decided to spend the night at his house, good rather middle of the night, because between peak and darditos and some roncito that another gave us late. Anyway I've already gone to something else, I found that arriving at Madrid a beautiful sunset we announced an epic weekend. The Sun didn't come out much more, but let me your light on my sensor.

In the end touched arise, and take the metro, that large makes the metro to its cities, and it runs quickly through them. From the inside of her womb, from the inside as a carrier of red, white cells, platelets, cancer cells, proteins, amino acids and bacteria chupocteras. I have always loved cities meters, always liked learn their ways, some lighter than others. It is interesting that many people can be transported at the same time to mass time. I am surprised. And not its people, not long ago that I realize that what really interest me are the people. And even I feel shy, less each day.

I make a subsection to remember that if someone of people coming out to my reports has some problem with it, feel free to ask me and request me its removal and that will be done. But I hope you can understand, understand if you read these words, which I try to simply portray life as I see it, rich, multihumana, momentary, instantaneous, full of shades and colors.

Passing page, and to conclude this first part of the story. I want to dismiss me with my favorite part of doing photography, on the street, the street, passengers from the street, residents of the street, the passers, walkers, to the sad to the cheerful, all those who called my attention, in any way, for any detail, the immortals. This is my photographic passion, people. You, us, them.

It will continue to…

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