When low tide

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Fishermen saved in the day's catch wicker basket, it is pretty devastated and the marine fauna is very reduced

Uluwatu, on the Bukit peninsula south of the Indonesia island of Bali, is known for its surfing Championships and its tourism for Beach, Sun and abundant vegetation. But Impossible Beach, belonging to the beach of Padang Padang to part of the incredible number of surfers who have daily when low tide comes the human fisherman, to seek their loot. (It must be said that while the fishing is done illegally and not recommended procedures, I must also say that they are just men and that all fishing is for consumption and for sale to the consumer. Anyway the State which have left the reef is impoverished and would not be more a control call to this type of fishing. )

Fishing format can have hundreds of years, and only the clothing us reveals the era in which we live, when the tide is sufficiently low formed a small lake of less than 30 cm to 50 cm height revealing a small and ancient reef almost wilderness but which still offers plenty of life inside.

And there, at that time of the day that tends to be a slave to the sunset and the beginning of the night when the treasure seekers come to find his prize, was US penalty of the evening, that we could not enjoy any day which were Impossible Beach, Murphy's law in photography does not fail and left us with a pleasant but cloudy weather most of the time. Although we take advantage of the loopholes of the nature coloring the water of a gold deep and see a unique landscape.

From the collection of bait until the creation of fishing nets is craft and fishermen choreography seems an old German, without much technology but perfect car like clockwork. For three days I was following these hunters of the sea in an attempt to learn how has he been caught centuries ago and understand why there are practices that should not be allowed.

I hope you enjoy it.

Impossible Beach

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