Visit in Copenhagen

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The source of the gardens of Amalia in any given night.

With more than 1,000,000 inhabitants, Copenhagen is the European city that has most impressed me in terms of integration between traditional and modern architecture. The city that was born as a small village of fishermen on the 9th century it became the capital of Denmark was 1300 and since then is considered a jewel in the North.

As if it were another continent we find a city clean, orderly, where only bad weather and prices can spoil you visit, we visited it in September and had a splendid Sun, we have the feeling of having returned to the tales of Hans Christian Andersen and see swans where to look.

Art becomes powerful, and if in cities such as Tokyo or New York I seek instant where the street is frozen forever in time, here is the past that comes to life offering images churning in my visual culture to mix with new sensations and provide another type of photography.

Colours, shapes and people form this series of Copenhagen that I share with you today.


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