Myanmar and what we take for granted Photographic Thinks

Myanmar and what we take for granted Photographic Thinks

Hsipaw, Myanmar (Birmania) ¿Quieres recibir nuevos reportajes? Email Suscríbete Could you imagine being happy without all the things you take for granted? I believe is posible, at least it’s something that I was able to discover in one of the most enlightening...

Cheerleaders in Viña del Mar

Training in Viña del Mar is a picture which reminds me of what I have seen in Chile in these days, life, youth, dynamism, a nation that tries to make the most difficult yet

Reflections on the gustere

That moment in which the world rotates at the same speed as your attention and your body is not no load but a haven of peace. That is the gustere.

Karolina Bazydlo

In this series, meet you Karolina Bazydlo, photographer and visual artist that left me completely undress her and look into her femininity. The venue was La Finca La Principal which is marked on the map where we felt at home and provided all nature and the perfect architecture for performing this test.

Say that I speak of Madrid I

Say that I speak of Madrid I I understand that there were a thousand better ways to start a blog, to start this blog is not very original. It is a blog. the tropocientosmillonesquinientoscuarentaydosmilquinientosuno of wordpress, will now be added to others… We...

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